The River of Life Sanctuary Bandar Puteri, held its first Worship service on Sunday 15 September 2002 in Bandar Puteri 7. A Chinese Ministry was added soon after that. In January 2003, the Bahasa Malaysia Ministry was born. By 2006, the place had become too small and in May 2007, we moved to our present premises at No.1 Jalan Puteri 5/20, Bandar Puteri. Each year, we celebrate God’s goodness to us on the Sunday nearest to 15th September. We are most grateful for God’s Word, Grace, Presence, Favour,Works and Wonders that He has poured upon us, and we worship and praise Him with song and dance. Psalm 150:4 “Praise Him with the timbrel and dance; Praise Him with the stringed instruments and flutes.”

Combined praise & worship team

Master of Ceremonies; Jason & Maria.

Peter Henry Paris, guest sape player, composed a song & the music specially for the Anniversary.

The Lun Bawang youth sing a song of praise led by Peter Henry Paris.

The Lun Bawang youth sing and dance a song of praise in Lun Bawang.

The play “The story of the life of Jesus” begins with story of the birth of Jesus enacted by the Bahasa Malaysia cluster.

The script readers tell the story of the life of Jesus

The Chinese cluster enact the healing ministry of Jesus.

The Chinese cluster enact the healing ministry of Jesus.

The congregation enjoy the acting skills of our lively actors.

The last supper.

The torture and crucifixion of Jesus Christ enacted by the English cluster.

The angel announces that Jesus has risen from the dead. The tomb is empty.

The combined cast from all three language clusters.

The Bahasa Malaysia “cowboys” rejoice with a song and dance (John 3:16) “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have eternal life.

Peter Henry Paris, plays the sape as the Lun Bawang youth dance in joy and praise God.

Praises and worship

The congregation join in the dance of joy around the church hall.

The congregation thank the Pastors for their faithful service over the past 16 years,

The Bahasa Malaysia “cowboys” gather for a group photo.

Join us to celebrate our anniversary and Malaysia Day each year on the Sunday nearest to 15 September of each year.