Ps Sammie Mok & Dr Paul Chen welcomed the youth, members and friends of the church, on behalf on the River of Life Sanctuary Bandar Puteri to the Christmas Musical.

The Christmas Musical was led by Ps Sammie Mok and Ps Ronny Phang

The congregation, combining the BM, Chinese & English congregations joined in the Christmas Musical.

The Bible story of the birth of Jesus Christ was read by Wong Chew Rong & Irene Chay.

The congregation participated as the story of the birth of Jesus was sung in Chinese & English.

At the close of the Christmas Musical, Jason Loot, led the prayer of Thanksgiving to our Father in heaven for the wonder & joy of the birth of Jesus Christ when the Prince of Peace Himself came among men, as was promised to our forefathers so many years before.

The closing song “Felix Navidad” & “We wish you a Merry Christmas” was led by Ps Ronny Phang & Ps Sammie Mok and joined by the congregation with joy to celebrate the first Christmas night many years ago.

A group photo of the leaders and congregation who were present. This was followed by a Christmas lunch.