Testimony of Wendy & Winson Tan:
Ever since we joined RLSBP, a few Care Group leaders had invited us to join the Care Groups. After we attended the course organized by our church on “Building a Strong Foundation”, our faith in God has strengthened and we believe God has touched our lives. We understand that it is God’s desire for His children to have constant fellowship with one another in the presence of God and to spend time with God to build an intimate relationship with Him, we therefore joined a Care Group.The Care Group has indeed strengthened our knowledge of the Word of God & our spirit. Besides this, we also gain the following benefits through our Care Group meetings:

1 We worship God: As we sing our praises and give thanks to God, we find comfort in our heart and our spirit rejoices in the presence of the Lord.

2 We share testimonies in the Group: As we share testimonies, we realize how great our God is in the way He has worked in our lives and in answering our prayers.

3 We pray together: Whenever there is a prayer request from members, we pray together. Before we joined RLSBP church, we have no idea of how to pray, what more to pray for others. Now we find that our confidence level is increasing.

4 We learn the Word of God: We realize that the more we learn and understand the Word of God, the more our faith in God has strengthened.

5 We fellowship with one another: After the Care Group meetings, as we sit together and fellowship while enjoying the refreshments, we get to know each other better. As we are the children of God, coming together to fellowship with one another is the desire of our heavenly Father, too. Amen!